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Dal Marcante, the restaurant of local food in Trento!

Eat in Trento the traditional dishes with excellent products

For those who want to have lunch or dinner in Trento and make a new experience, we invite you to eat here in our shop. Everything you eat is available to buy, it’is the raw materials with which our proposals are cooked. A condition that repeats the proposal of Nonna Maria Bana. She was the wife of the famous Nonno known as il Pavone, the traditional concept of osteria or rather trattoria, that Nonna managed in Andalo, where our roots are. The few wayfarers of that time arriveing in Andalo and at the Marcanti always could find a hot dish, the shop where to shop, the tavern where to spend the evening and, if they wished, they could also sleep in one of the free rooms: today we would call it B&B bed & breakfast.

The philosophy of the restaurant combined with the shop of typical products starts from the recovery of the simple and rural way of cooking, from fresh products and high quality raw materials. Eating as we did at home, years ago. For a business lunch, a simply friendly dinner, tasting the most qualified products of Trentino, whether they are platters of cold cuts and vertical cheeses from the Alps or the hot dishes of the Trentino tradition as you can see from our proposals. An articulated menu, but in the end really simple and highly digestible.

Every season with its peculiarities, the the fresh vegetables taken from the garden of the farmers who usually supply the shop, the kitchen prepared with love without using the modern transformed ones, just to keep intact the nutritional value and the original taste. All this starting from the raw materials and following the family cookbook, in a lighter version: low fat, the inclusion of the famous extra virgin olive oil of Lake Garda, lots of vegetables, lightness and flavor. But cheeses will never be missing, unless there are lactose food intolerances, and, even in that case, we can offer solutions to many.

Along with many dishes, you’ll find the wines from the Alps, Trentino and Alto Adige Important reds like the Teroldego Dragon’s blood, fragrant whites like the Gewurtztraminer, the Kerner or the Silvaner, the Trentodoc bubbles of famous brands like the Ferrari or from small and renowned wineries like Pisoni, Isera, Endrizzi and many others. Served at glass or in a bottle to accompany our typical Trentino dishes and give a nice tasting experience, drinking for the pleasure of enhancing the flavors.

Also our sandwiches are prepared with fresh bread, sliced meat, vegetables and cheeses of your choice, freshly prepared. Bread, fresh and baked every day, including Saturday and Sunday. The one purchased by the baker, or rather by the bakers of Trentino who always serve us, including Sundays and holidays.

A typical restaurant, informal, where the tables are close and make everything shared, there’s conversation, talking with others, widens the field to the knowledge. Paying attention and sharing company. Great attention to children who can enjoy without constraint the experience of our food suited to their tastes.

Our guests at lunch and dinner have the opportunity to collect our vouchers and with them have a 10% discount on in-store purchases, reserved only for those who have had lunch and dinner here with us. The voucher has no time limits so even those who come back to Trento will have more incentive to have lunch or dinner (on Friday and Saturday evenings for now) with the traditional dishes of our mountains, the beautiful Dolomites, here in the neighborhood de le Albere, in front of the MUSE, a 7 minutes walk only, from Piazza Duomo. If you have a car you can park in the K3 car park, under the buildings, just ring and tell the vigilantes the magic word “We are customers of dal Marcante!” And the bar will open in a few seconds. Free Parking. Ideal for lunches and dinners in Trento, can get reservation for groups of friends, young people and ladies of all ages! We have organized many events setting up the space so as to allow maximum sharing when possible. A guest, during the graduation party, just came in and exclaimed “How nice! The table is as big as at home, like at Christmas”. This is the spirit with which we try to cheer our customers! Every time we build events, small lunches or dinners for a birthday, graduation parties, corporate catering that here can become special. We are very interesting as a restaurant in Trentino, even for companies that receive their local and foreign customers and want to show the best of the territory. They are welcome for aperitifs, apericena (which we call Apericante, aperitifs from dal Marcante!. Even journalists, food bloggers, Italian and foreign press officers are often coming to visit us, to relax and taste the products with explanations of the products , with a dedicated story telling in Italian and also in English!

The alternative to junk drinks or better to carbonated drinks

Juices and drinks made as our grandmothers used to do: few sugar and lots of thirst-quenching taste.

A pleasant natural energy recharge, alternative to the carbonated soft drinks of many multinationals.

This is the choice we made as an alternative proposal to the usual brands. Without marrying absolutist visions, we also serve the classic Cokes, oranges, etc. We prefer to stimulate the consumption of other products made by our farmers. Zero km products, with little sugar, lots of taste and above all for the younger ones, flavors to discover.

Many of our Trentino producers have rediscovered the intrinsic value of ancient products made from flowers or natural herbs. Simple products to drink by the glass, so much so that in our shop we have dedicated a real department to this offer.

Apple juice, also organic, is much loved by everyone, especially if served chilled. Natural, or in the version with cinnamon or mixed with wild berries or with ginger or berries. Available in bottle or in the convenient 3 or 5 l bag-in-box. to keep firmly in the fridge.

Juices and extracts of blueberries, apples, raspberries or wild strawberries, to be enjoyed with the aperitif at any time the restaurant is opened. Syrups to be lengthened to taste with water: elderberry, lemon balm, nettle and many other little-known herbs, with very pleasant flavors.

For adults who can dare with the alcohol content, we also have the Sidro of the Val di Non. To be served chilled a real alternative for those who do not like wines or beers.

Grappas and liqueurs, an indispensable alpine tradition!

The best of Trentino, with a wide selection of grappas, spirits and liqueurs.

At the end of the meal, it is essential to taste a drop of our Trentino grappa, traditional, monotivigno, with herbs, bitter etc. Served separately in its tulip glass, or in the cup after drinking coffee (the Resentin).
We offer the best of Trentino, with a wide selection of grappas, spirits and liqueurs: white, aged, with mountain herbs such as asperula, mugo, gentian.
You can enjoy them by the glass, sitting comfortably in the store or give them to you for having them always at your friends’ disposal!

Marzadro, Pisoni, Giovanni Poli, Walcher, and, above all, our branded grappa from the Marcante.

  • the Sgnapa, white, monotivigno of moscato, soft.
  • La Marcanta, barricaded grappa, made for our 250th anniversary, today we exceed 260 years from the foundation of the company

Every year we select and compete with some producers, we choose the best grappa match and we buy it all. So, our brand grappas are unique, you can only find them here! Perfect for gifts

Bitter Grappas, among the many we suggest that of Pisoni, 16 different herbs in infusion. Grappa-based bitters are very trendy right now. Each company has its own recipe handed down from father to son. Splendid taste, bitter, clear, without added sugar, a real delight after a meal. Then the Alpine bitter, the Novasalus and the kapriol, consolidated and safe vintage products.

Could we perhaps miss the famous Bombardino? Highly requested by those who like to ski, beautifully warm, in winter by the charge. In the summer, served ice cold even on ice cream, it’s great!

For the sweet tooth here is the Cuor di cioccolato, fluid, creamy, dark chocolate in grappa, to be enjoyed in its cialdina. Eat and drink at the same time is amazing!

In addition, the classic blueberry and raspberry, the hazelnut cream and a thousand other fluid delicacies. Mulled wine served with the flame, lots of opportunities to enjoy our alpine tradition! Long live the mountain!

Remember that it is not possible to give or sell alcoholic beverages to underage.

I’ll have a nice beer!

Only craft beer, mountain and beautiful cold

From dal Marcante you can drink all the colors: blond, red, dark … flavored, delicate or strong. Every moment of the day is good for a beer!

A world to be discovered. In the last 15 years, even in Trentino the world of craft beers has grown, evolved and consolidated, leaving us often amazed. Over 32 brands, all refermented products in the bottle, for over 40 labels. The new recipes started a few years ago have stabilized in such a way as to allow us for classic combinations and particular taste. Young winners of awards at the highest levels, always looking for new expressions of taste.
White, red, American Ipa, bitter more or less strong, all geo-socialized. From Val di Fiemme, Pejo, Val di Non, Birra del Bosco, all organic, etc.

There are those who grow their own hops and control the whole cycle. Some are located in the plain and others in the high mountains, some produce them with water from high altitude springs. Many participate in local competitions, such as Cerevisia, and are already moving at national level.
All strictly kept in the fridge (optimal storage) in the bottle, 33, 50, 75 cl.

Excellent if combined with our cold cuts and cheeses, or with a good dolomitic sandwich. Or with our Cecco Beppe dish, in honor of the beloved Emperor Franz Joseph (artisan frankfurters, sauerkraut with points and polenta rustega).

Remember that it is not possible to give or sell alcoholic beverages to underage.

Wines: Trentino native wines

The important reds of the territory on the wine list

Trentino has always been a producer of Teroldego della Piana Rotaliana. There are many labels in the store, from Donati’s Blood of Dragon to that of the Endrizzi winery. In addition to the Two Pines of Zeni and the appreciable Cantina di Aldeno. A full-bodied wine, with different degrees of aging and vinification methods to enhance this grape variety. The Roman Emperor Rotelio, two thousand years ago, identified this land as a suitable terrain for the vine, 9 km north of Trento.

Further south, about 20 km, near Rovereto and Isera, we find the Marzemino. One of the favorite wines by the great musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who mentions it in his Don Giovanni. Fantastic with cheeses and cured meats for its slightly acidulous and refined base. Several labels among which the most appreciated is that of the Cantina di Isera, green label.

The San Leonardo of the most prestigious vintages, the Rebos of the Valle dei Laghi, among which the Pisoni stands out. The Agraria di Riva reds, the Schiave of the fragrant and floral hills of the Adige valley, very drinkable…

In our wine list for lunches, dinners on Friday and Saturday evenings, for aperitifs or Apericanti, we offer a selection of the best native wines. You can drink by the glass, with a fixed base and then, in rotation, one of the more than 120 labels of our proposals. Presented at different levels of value, always starting from a medium-high level, and only from bottled wines.

I drink white wine and I’m happy!

Trentino home of the Trentodoc Bubbles and South Tyrol flavored still wines

Today 70% of the production of wine, here in the region, is white: bubbles in particular.
All in search of Trentodoc, from the most famous brands like the Giulio Ferrari to the small producers. Like the Pisoni, Maso Martis, Cantina di Isera, Cantina Endrizzi, Aldeno etc. Each with its particular tone, its perlage and its beautiful colors. The Trentodoc Brut, organic or traditional, by now for the whole meal and with the fantastic combination with our Trentingrana of Malga, 24 months of aging. We always have some bottles available to serve also by the glass. For desserts and desserts, the demi-secs like Ferrari Maximum never fail.

For those who love still wines, here are the spring Nosiola, light, slightly sapid and acidulous from the valle dei Laghi. Only place in the world, where this vine is found from which Vino Santo Trentino is made.
The famous Gewurztraminer from the Val di Cembra and Alto Adige, together with the Kerner, the Silvaner, the Muller Thurgau.

Among the Sauvignon, one of our favorites, is the famous Le vette di San Leonardo … over 50 brands to taste Some also available by the glass, at the right temperature.

These white wines, each with their own characteristics, are fantastic accompanied by our important Cheese Verticals. Goats, vaccines or super-seasoned, or with our green salads, light, fresh and balanced.


Remember that it is not possible to administer or sell alcoholic beverages to underage.

A place of delikatessen: after the Muse its needed

Typical Trentino products in our shop, here in Trento

We are the store in front of the MUSE, under the arcades, recognizable by the external seats built reusing the traditional pallets You can enter the heart of the typical, taste the products on the counter guided by our experienced staff. Sit down to eat at noon or have a nice aperitif (our Apericante, the Aperitivo dal Marcante) And have everything you need for an excellent gastronomic souvenir.

Large selection of:

  • cheeses: over 53 types of proposals. Vaccines, goats, pecorino, little, medium or very seasoned. Vacuum-packed to take them home and preserve their flavor.
  • over 40 types of salami: from speck of pork, national leg, to that of venison, turkey and goose. Different salamis, game salami, cooked or raw ham, bresaola
    of beef, pork and deer…
  • alpine sauces of venison, roe, deer and chamois to dress polenta or pasta
  • teas, rye bread and crackers, desserts such as fregolotti cake or blueberry biscuits
  • persecche dal Marcante, apples and other dehydrated fruit in convenient snack packs
  • chocolate of the Alps, simple or enriched with berries
  • honeys of various kinds, including extraordinary honeys with nuts and hazelnuts, sweets and jellies based on honey, royal jelly and so on
  • high mountain vegetables, including organic vegetables, in oil or sweet and sour: from wild garlic to dandelion, from Torbole broccoli to celery root veils. Up to the Buonenrico, Aglio della Regina and so on
  • and what about sauerkraut, simple antioxidants, with apples or with onions, white or red. Fantastic to the natural toast (with the addition of carrot, apple and pine nut compote!) Or warmed with dishes and polenta
  • good the rustic polenta or Taragna, large or refined, with a thousand flavors combined with roe deer, cheeses, dried mushrooms, etc.
  • special compotes for cheeses, in addition to the classic honey or honeydew from the Marcante, jams and marmalades, also organic
  • pasta from the Felicetti pasta factory in Predazzo

If you wish to make a special gift, we can pack a basket or bag full of specialties to amaze you! At Christmas, but also throughout the year, to turn every gift into a party.

In Trento the shop of the good malga cheese

The shop of typical, healthy and good products

For some Malga cheeses – says Paolo – I buy the milk of a day and I make the cheese with that specific milk of that farmer. One of the most recent limited edition of cheese is the dairy of one of the last turnaround dairies in Trentino, that one of Pejo! A gastronomic gem. Including butter, a true masterpiece of taste! ”

More than 370 cheeses in Italy, a different one for each day of the year, over 50 of those present in the shop counter in Trento and Andalo. Let’s take a look at some tasty suggestions for every palate.

Rich proposal of blue cheeses. From the traditional gorgonzola aged two years instead of normal four months, up to the blue cheese with Dro prunes or blueberries. Great to be served as a dessert too!

The wide selection of cheeses refined by Hansi Baumgartner from Degust in South Tyrol “Hansi for every season amazes us with its creativity and one of the most extraordinary offers. Sometimes we manage to involve him in small and reserved dedicated events! ”

Goats, vaccines, fresh, medium or very seasoned. The oldest?“A cheese from Malga Trentina that is over 18 years old and another that has exceeded 10 and over. Both presented at Lineaverde RAI3 when we recorded the episode aired last November 3rd – giggles Paolo – a real rarity!

Some of the best and rarest cheeses in the world. Special prize winners such as the English Stilton excellent if served in the famous Pruna salad. The Italian Pecorinos, the Roqueforts and the French Brie

Then we have the special Trentingrana di Malga, 24 months, an extraordinary limited edition cheese. To taste at least once in your life! For those who love incredible proposals, our Cheese verticals are excellent, and we will talk about them in other sections. In the meantime, consult our Small Restaurant menu to see the basic proposals.

Dal Marcante custodian of sublime typical products

To treasure our history without forgetting to innovate

Dal Marcante is the sales point & small restaurant for food and wine products from Trentino and the Alps. A place of meeting, pleasure, knowledge, experience and in-depth analysis.

The store has two souls. The shop where to buy the products, and the tables where you can eat simple foods, rural Trentino and the Alps

We are Malga Cheese specialists and offer a wide range of Alpine and Trentino cheeses. Typical cold cuts and a good number of Trentino, Alto Adige and all over the Alps wines. The range of Trentino grappas is also wide.

It is also a small restaurant. Where to taste the typical dishes from Trentino, the raw materials with which they are prepared are available for purchase or shipping. Cutting boards, cheese verticals, first courses of the territory and strong and important dishes, sandwiches and aperitifs.

“This idea of combining sales and being able to eat in Trento, stems from the history of over 261 years of our family in Andalo says Paolo il Marcante. “Nonna Maria had the shop, next to the kitchen, there was always something hot on the fireplace that boiled. Ready for the for the customers of the tavern. The travelers and the rare tourists of that time had our resale as a reference. In Trento we wanted to revive this hybrid. Therefore it is always possible for us to eat something, buy what is magic and take it away

Those who take advantage of the catering service here in Trento, receive a postcard that entitles them to 10% discount for purchases. An opportunity that does not expire here in the store, but cannot be extended to the online shop!

There are several brand products of the Marcante that we offer. Speck, grappa, honey and honeydew, mushrooms, persecche (dehydrated apples) …

We are one of the six Botteghe del Gusto included in Il Golosario 2016, 2017 and 2018 by journalist Paolo Massobrio. We have also been elected Bottega del Buon formaggio from Cheese 2017 and 2018.

Speck and cold cuts for slicing the Paradise!

Delightful aroma, incredible taste for our Speck and Salami

We want to offer only the highest quality! We at Marcante are absolutely convinced and persevering about this. We are always looking for and evaluating our artisan suppliers. They know that they must not allow themselves a lowering of the level of raw materials or skimp on the production process.”

To guarantee this, Paolo il Marcante dedicates much of his time to visitand meet artisan producers from Trentino and the Alps. Seeing, hearing and tasting in the place of production is essential to understand the product and to know how to tell the customer in the various nuances. This rigor over time has helped some manufacturers to develop top product lines. Discovering that there is still a market that wants quality and taste.

For Speck dal Marcante, in particular, the meat is selected and purchased directly. While the processing is entrusted to expert skilled artisans, who reproduce ancient traditional knowledge. They follow the ancient recipe of the Melchiori family, who once raised and processed pigs directly. Today, in compliance with the regulations, this is no longer the case. Paolo checks and supervises each production phase step by step.

The Speck dal Marcante, is excellent, thinly sliced like ham. But if you want to eat it the peasant way, it is better to cut a slice a few millimeters thick and then make it into very small strips, and bite them all! Lard included, a delicious part of the speck that keeps it soft despite the over 9 months of aging

Another rarity: the Speck as big as a pig! The friend Heinrich Poeder of the Val d’Ultimo produces one of the finest and award-winning speck halves. Pigs bred in the historic Maso of the 1500s, traditional processing and smoking of half whole pigs, to live a unique and unrepeatable experience! The mezzena is still cut by hand and is eaten in strips. Limited edition, it’s really sublime. Bread and speck: nothing more appetizing and healthy even from a nutritional point of view! A nice sandwich at breakfast is absolutely perfect … If we are greedy here is in addition a nice slice of Valchiese cheese, Trentingrana di Malga or Crucolo, for the most delicate tastes. Enjoy your meal

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