Dal Marcante, the restaurant of local food in Trento!

Dal Marcante, the restaurant of local food in Trento!

Eat in Trento the traditional dishes with excellent products

For those who want to have lunch or dinner in Trento and make a new experience, we invite you to eat here in our shop. Everything you eat is available to buy, it’is the raw materials with which our proposals are cooked. A condition that repeats the proposal of Nonna Maria Bana. She was the wife of the famous Nonno known as il Pavone, the traditional concept of osteria or rather trattoria, that Nonna managed in Andalo, where our roots are. The few wayfarers of that time arriveing in Andalo and at the Marcanti always could find a hot dish, the shop where to shop, the tavern where to spend the evening and, if they wished, they could also sleep in one of the free rooms: today we would call it B&B bed & breakfast.

The philosophy of the restaurant combined with the shop of typical products starts from the recovery of the simple and rural way of cooking, from fresh products and high quality raw materials. Eating as we did at home, years ago. For a business lunch, a simply friendly dinner, tasting the most qualified products of Trentino, whether they are platters of cold cuts and vertical cheeses from the Alps or the hot dishes of the Trentino tradition as you can see from our proposals. An articulated menu, but in the end really simple and highly digestible.

Every season with its peculiarities, the the fresh vegetables taken from the garden of the farmers who usually supply the shop, the kitchen prepared with love without using the modern transformed ones, just to keep intact the nutritional value and the original taste. All this starting from the raw materials and following the family cookbook, in a lighter version: low fat, the inclusion of the famous extra virgin olive oil of Lake Garda, lots of vegetables, lightness and flavor. But cheeses will never be missing, unless there are lactose food intolerances, and, even in that case, we can offer solutions to many.

Along with many dishes, you’ll find the wines from the Alps, Trentino and Alto Adige Important reds like the Teroldego Dragon’s blood, fragrant whites like the Gewurtztraminer, the Kerner or the Silvaner, the Trentodoc bubbles of famous brands like the Ferrari or from small and renowned wineries like Pisoni, Isera, Endrizzi and many others. Served at glass or in a bottle to accompany our typical Trentino dishes and give a nice tasting experience, drinking for the pleasure of enhancing the flavors.

Also our sandwiches are prepared with fresh bread, sliced meat, vegetables and cheeses of your choice, freshly prepared. Bread, fresh and baked every day, including Saturday and Sunday. The one purchased by the baker, or rather by the bakers of Trentino who always serve us, including Sundays and holidays.

A typical restaurant, informal, where the tables are close and make everything shared, there’s conversation, talking with others, widens the field to the knowledge. Paying attention and sharing company. Great attention to children who can enjoy without constraint the experience of our food suited to their tastes.

Our guests at lunch and dinner have the opportunity to collect our vouchers and with them have a 10% discount on in-store purchases, reserved only for those who have had lunch and dinner here with us. The voucher has no time limits so even those who come back to Trento will have more incentive to have lunch or dinner (on Friday and Saturday evenings for now) with the traditional dishes of our mountains, the beautiful Dolomites, here in the neighborhood de le Albere, in front of the MUSE, a 7 minutes walk only, from Piazza Duomo. If you have a car you can park in the K3 car park, under the buildings, just ring and tell the vigilantes the magic word “We are customers of dal Marcante!” And the bar will open in a few seconds. Free Parking. Ideal for lunches and dinners in Trento, can get reservation for groups of friends, young people and ladies of all ages! We have organized many events setting up the space so as to allow maximum sharing when possible. A guest, during the graduation party, just came in and exclaimed “How nice! The table is as big as at home, like at Christmas”. This is the spirit with which we try to cheer our customers! Every time we build events, small lunches or dinners for a birthday, graduation parties, corporate catering that here can become special. We are very interesting as a restaurant in Trentino, even for companies that receive their local and foreign customers and want to show the best of the territory. They are welcome for aperitifs, apericena (which we call Apericante, aperitifs from dal Marcante!. Even journalists, food bloggers, Italian and foreign press officers are often coming to visit us, to relax and taste the products with explanations of the products , with a dedicated story telling in Italian and also in English!

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