Grappas and liqueurs, an indispensable alpine tradition!

Grappas and liqueurs, an indispensable alpine tradition!

The best of Trentino, with a wide selection of grappas, spirits and liqueurs.

At the end of the meal, it is essential to taste a drop of our Trentino grappa, traditional, monotivigno, with herbs, bitter etc. Served separately in its tulip glass, or in the cup after drinking coffee (the Resentin).
We offer the best of Trentino, with a wide selection of grappas, spirits and liqueurs: white, aged, with mountain herbs such as asperula, mugo, gentian.
You can enjoy them by the glass, sitting comfortably in the store or give them to you for having them always at your friends’ disposal!

Marzadro, Pisoni, Giovanni Poli, Walcher, and, above all, our branded grappa from the Marcante.

  • the Sgnapa, white, monotivigno of moscato, soft.
  • La Marcanta, barricaded grappa, made for our 250th anniversary, today we exceed 260 years from the foundation of the company

Every year we select and compete with some producers, we choose the best grappa match and we buy it all. So, our brand grappas are unique, you can only find them here! Perfect for gifts

Bitter Grappas, among the many we suggest that of Pisoni, 16 different herbs in infusion. Grappa-based bitters are very trendy right now. Each company has its own recipe handed down from father to son. Splendid taste, bitter, clear, without added sugar, a real delight after a meal. Then the Alpine bitter, the Novasalus and the kapriol, consolidated and safe vintage products.

Could we perhaps miss the famous Bombardino? Highly requested by those who like to ski, beautifully warm, in winter by the charge. In the summer, served ice cold even on ice cream, it’s great!

For the sweet tooth here is the Cuor di cioccolato, fluid, creamy, dark chocolate in grappa, to be enjoyed in its cialdina. Eat and drink at the same time is amazing!

In addition, the classic blueberry and raspberry, the hazelnut cream and a thousand other fluid delicacies. Mulled wine served with the flame, lots of opportunities to enjoy our alpine tradition! Long live the mountain!

Remember that it is not possible to give or sell alcoholic beverages to underage.

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