I’ll have a nice beer!

I’ll have a nice beer!

Only craft beer, mountain and beautiful cold

From dal Marcante you can drink all the colors: blond, red, dark … flavored, delicate or strong. Every moment of the day is good for a beer!

A world to be discovered. In the last 15 years, even in Trentino the world of craft beers has grown, evolved and consolidated, leaving us often amazed. Over 32 brands, all refermented products in the bottle, for over 40 labels. The new recipes started a few years ago have stabilized in such a way as to allow us for classic combinations and particular taste. Young winners of awards at the highest levels, always looking for new expressions of taste.
White, red, American Ipa, bitter more or less strong, all geo-socialized. From Val di Fiemme, Pejo, Val di Non, Birra del Bosco, all organic, etc.

There are those who grow their own hops and control the whole cycle. Some are located in the plain and others in the high mountains, some produce them with water from high altitude springs. Many participate in local competitions, such as Cerevisia, and are already moving at national level.
All strictly kept in the fridge (optimal storage) in the bottle, 33, 50, 75 cl.

Excellent if combined with our cold cuts and cheeses, or with a good dolomitic sandwich. Or with our Cecco Beppe dish, in honor of the beloved Emperor Franz Joseph (artisan frankfurters, sauerkraut with points and polenta rustega).

Remember that it is not possible to give or sell alcoholic beverages to underage.

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