Casolet cheese – Slow Food Garrison – limited availability


Val di Sole or Val di Rabbi – Slow food Garrison – limited availability

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Val di Sole or Val di Rabbi – Slow food Garrison – limited availability

It is a typical mountain cheese with raw, tender and traditional whole milk, strongly identifying with the production valleys. Years ago it was produced only in autumn, when the herds had already descended from the mountain pastures: it was the cheese “at home” by tradition, made for the family.

The name has a Latin origin: it derives from caseolus, a small cheese and, even today, the original shapes do not exceed about 10 centimeters in height and another 10 in diameter, rarely the mold exceeds the kilogram.

There is no precise standard of workmanship, of dimensions: each small producer has its own particular stamp.

It is a fresh or semi-aged cheese. Particularly appreciated by delicate palates and children, it can be accompanied very well by the golden apples typical of the Val di Sole and Val di Non.

Product features: soft cheese.

Storage: in the fridge at a temperature of 4 ° – 10 °.

Quality: soft cheese, the slice is white or slightly straw-colored, with an absent or light eye.

Ingredients: raw milk, salt, rennet, without preservatives and additives.

average nutritional values per 100 grams of product

Energy value

381 kcal


17,3 g


33,8 g


1,8 g.


422 mg


615 mg

( the data may undergo variations depending on the production period)

The cheese on the image refers to a piece from about 800 g to about 900 g.
Images related to the appearance of the product are indicative. The typical products, being related to the seasonal trend, may undergo variations in appearance and color.

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