La Marcanta


Aged Trentino grappa

Single bottle 700 ml

Sale price to public for single bottle

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Aged Trentino grappa -Single bottle 700 ml – Sale price to public per each bottle

Fine aged grappa from Trentino, produced and bottled in limited quantities: every year we select some leading Trentino suppliers, in search of aged grappa with the desired characteristics. After careful tasting sessions that last even 3 days, the producer is chosen: this project was born in 2008 and is renewed from year to year.

La Marcanta was designed and launched on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the founding of the Andalo store in 1758.

This year the distillers chosen are those of the Pisoni Distillery of Pergolese di Lasino (TN).

The success of this particular aged product is due to the delicacy and intensity of the scents of the Trentino grappa distilled in a bain-marie according to the Zadra method and of the very carefully selected barrique refining woods. Recommended because it is round, intense and delicate.

Alcohol content 40% vol.

Also recommended for the Resentin: after having taken the coffee, at the end of the meal, it is used to pour a certain amount of grappa in the bottom of the coffee cup and then to drink it in one go.

Purchase and consumption prohibited for underage.

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