Malga Trenca – Malga cheese summer 2015 – limited availability


Malga cheese – Malga cheese summer 2015 – limited availability

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Malga cheese Malga cheese summer 2015 – limited availability

The pastures of this malga are so extensive that to see the cows it is probably necessary to move on foot for quite a while! Malga Trenca overlooks the Valsugana, at 1,700 meters above sea level and from there you can see its small and characteristic villages.

This malga adheres to the project “adopt a cow” baptizing the animal with the desired name, in addition to many other advantages!

The cheese of this malga is produced with raw milk, it has a medium consistency, relatively soft and not very spicy despite having been aged 1 year. Produced in the summer of 2015, the seasoning brought out delicate scents of freshly cut grass.

The paste has an intense yellow color, due to its content of carotenes derived from the grass and slightly glazed. Suitable at the end of a meal and perfect for simpler snacks, it is the classic homemade cheese.

Juniors also like it.

The cheese in the pic refers to a piece from about 250 g to about 300 g.
Images related to the appearance of the product are indicative. The typical products, being related to the seasonal trend, may undergo variations in appearance and color.

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