Trentino Fir Honeydew
dal Marcante


Italian honey – 250 grams

Sale price to publicfor each single jar– 2016 production

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Italian honey – 500 grams Sale price to public for each single jar – 2016 production

Honeydew honey is a rare and precious type. It is produced in nature from plant sap through a complex process involving multiple and concomitant factors including the presence of aphids and scale insects.

The honeydew from the Marcante produced by the friend Valentini of Cles, is denser than honey, dark in color, with a particular, slightly sour taste.

Ours is the fir honeydew (Abies alba), the most known and sought after. It is very dark, with shades of green and a pleasant aromatic resinous taste.

Honeydew can be enjoyed like honey and is particularly suitable for cheeses, particularly rare, super seasoned and intense cheeses.

Dal Mercante’s 2015 Melata was awarded as the best honeydew in Italy at the national competition inBologna.

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Should the honey crystallize, simply immerse the jar in warm water – not above 40ºC – and wait: the crystals will disappear and the honey will be perfect. perfect. Crystallization is a natural process that depends mainly on its composition and temperature. Each honey has a tendency to crystallize difference that depends on the concentration of naturally occurring sugars.

In the case in which a light white layer appears on the surface of the cans, we are faced with the presence of oxygen particles that are formed during the extraction by centrifugation. It is not a defect or we are not in the presence of fermentation.

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