Persecche (Dried apples)
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Apples cut into rounds and dried

Single package 100 g. (3.53 oz)

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Apples cut into rounds and dried – single package 100 g. (3.53 oz) -sale price to the public for a single package

Le persecche sono mele tagliate a rondelle e essiccate. Today they a natural fragrant snack, a tradion thet’s always up to date! Great to eat, so nice for Christmas decoration on Dolomites!

Their history is lost on time: for saving the fruits and having them available on winter time is was traditional on families to cut into rounds, with or without the skin, insert them with needle and thread like a necklace, and hang them close to a heat source like wood stoves. Persecche were eaten during the wintertime.

The tradition of the persecche was lost thanks to the new methods of preserving the fresh product, but for some years it has been taken up as a symbol of a rediscovered craftsmanship.

Legend has it that it was once used as a currency of exchange and as a reward for children … when they were good.


Ingredients : round slices of apples dried at low temperature

Net weight 100g equivalent to 1000 g of fresh apples

average nutritional values per 100 grams of product


1516 kj/358 Kcal


saturated fats

0,44 g

0 g


sugar carbohydrates

80,4 g

78,6 g


1,73 g


13,00 g


0,025 g

Store in a dry place and away from sunlight.

Images related to the appearance of the product are indicative. The typical products, being related to the seasonal trend, may undergo variations in appearance and color.

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Weight100 g

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