Cured meat with deer – Hirschkaminwurzen


Three piece packaging – about 70 grams each.

Sale price to the public with singlevacuum packaging

Seasonal raw sausage

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Three piece packaging – about 70 grams each. Sale price to the public with single vacuum packaging

Seasonal raw sausage

Hirsch, the deer in German, Kamiwurtz or the roots of the fireplace, small and thin salamella typical of pork and deer, smoked and seasoned, one of the alpine variants, suitable for outdoor activities or simply going through the woods! To bite as they are, soft and tasty, easy to keep, fast and protein.

Excellent with Trentino bread with many varieties, perfect also for sandwiches, aperitifs and cutting boards!

Ingredients: 100 g. of seasoned product contain: pork 60 g., venison 60 g., pork lard, salt, spices, natural aromas, dextrose. Flavor enhancers: monosodium glutamate. Antioxidant: sodium ascorbate. Preservatives: potassium nitrate.

The product is gluten and lactose free.

To be kept in a cold and dry place.

Images related to the appearance of the product are indicative. The typical products, being related to the seasonal trend, may undergo variations in appearance and color.

Average nutritional facts per 100 g. of products


221/928 Kcal/kj


10,4 g.

– of whom saturated fat acid

3,8 g.


1 g.

– of whom sugar

0,9 g.


0,1 g.


30,9 g.


5 g.

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