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Sgnapa dal Marcante

Trentino white grappa singlevine Moscato

Single bottle 700 ml

Sale price to public for single bottle

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Trentino white grappa singlevine Moscato single each bottle 700 ml – Sale price to public for single bottle

Every year we select some leading Trentino suppliers, in search of grappa with the desired characteristics. Dopo accurate sedute di assaggio che durano anche 3 giorni si sceglie il produttore: questo progetto nasce oltre 22 anni fa e viene rinnovato di anno in anno.
This year the choice fell on Giovanni Poli and his sons, winemakers and distillers of the Valle dei Laghi, to whom we have entrusted the production of Sgnapa dal Marcante, no more than 1,000 bottles: fine brandy obtained from pomace of Moscato grapes.

Sgnapa dal Marcante is transparent, limpid, aromatic. Thanks to the low quantity of acids, it gives an intoxicating fragrance of freshly pressed grapes. Alcohol content 43% vol. like any Trentino grappa.

The production in a bain-marie or Zadra method is a slow process that allows the condensation of the best aromas and flavors: this Sgnapa is truly unmissable! Perfect for your gifts.
Also recommended for the traditional Resentin: after taking the coffee, at the end of the meal, it is used to pour a certain amount of white grappa in the bottom of the coffee and then … down a breath.
Purchase and consumption prohibited for underage.

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