Trentingrana D.O.P. 24 months – Silver medalWorld Cheese Awards 2015


Seasoned 24 months Silver medal wolrd Cheese Awards 2015 – limited availability

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Seasoned 24 months Silver medal wolrd Cheese Awards 2015 – limited availability

Trentingrana is a mountain cheese, an expression of territory and individual valleys. Production is controlled throughout the supply chain: from forage to the production of milk, up to the transformation of the finished product, maturing and marketing.

Only a hundred thousand forms are produced per year, even though the dal Marcante is always looking for the particular product like the limited editions and the most awarded Trentingrana.

It is a semi-fat cheese with a reduced lipid content, with particular organoleptic qualities that make it unique, including fragrance, aroma, taste, a perfect balance between sweet and savory. It is a food recommended for everyone, especially adolescents and the elderly due to the particular contribution of calcium.

Particularly suitable both as a food in itself, combined with red wines or Trentodoc bubbles, and in the kitchen, where it finds its maximum expression on typical Trentino dishes.

Seasoning: tradition has it that it is ready after 18/20 months. Many forms are seasoned even 24 and 30 months.

A form of Trentingrana weighs about 35 Kg.

Product features: hard and cooked cheese.

Storage: in the fridge, in a cool place, preferably under vacuum, respecting the deadline.

Quality: a cheese with a designation of origin, a hard cheese made from milk from farms in the province of Trento.

Ingredients: partially skimmed raw milk, salt, rennet, without preservatives and additives.

average nutritional values per 100 grams of product

Energy value

394 kcal


33 g.


28 g.


0 g.


690 mg


1290 mg


( the data may undergo variations depending on the production period)

The cheese in the pic refers to a piece from about 250 g to about 300 g.
Images related to the appearance of the product are indicative. The typical products, being related to the seasonal trend, may undergo variations in appearance and color.

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