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A place of delikatessen: after the Muse its needed

Typical Trentino products in our shop, here in Trento

We are the store in front of the MUSE, under the arcades, recognizable by the external seats built reusing the traditional pallets You can enter the heart of the typical, taste the products on the counter guided by our experienced staff. Sit down to eat at noon or have a nice aperitif (our Apericante, the Aperitivo dal Marcante) And have everything you need for an excellent gastronomic souvenir.

Large selection of:

  • cheeses: over 53 types of proposals. Vaccines, goats, pecorino, little, medium or very seasoned. Vacuum-packed to take them home and preserve their flavor.
  • over 40 types of salami: from speck of pork, national leg, to that of venison, turkey and goose. Different salamis, game salami, cooked or raw ham, bresaola
    of beef, pork and deer…
  • alpine sauces of venison, roe, deer and chamois to dress polenta or pasta
  • teas, rye bread and crackers, desserts such as fregolotti cake or blueberry biscuits
  • persecche dal Marcante, apples and other dehydrated fruit in convenient snack packs
  • chocolate of the Alps, simple or enriched with berries
  • honeys of various kinds, including extraordinary honeys with nuts and hazelnuts, sweets and jellies based on honey, royal jelly and so on
  • high mountain vegetables, including organic vegetables, in oil or sweet and sour: from wild garlic to dandelion, from Torbole broccoli to celery root veils. Up to the Buonenrico, Aglio della Regina and so on
  • and what about sauerkraut, simple antioxidants, with apples or with onions, white or red. Fantastic to the natural toast (with the addition of carrot, apple and pine nut compote!) Or warmed with dishes and polenta
  • good the rustic polenta or Taragna, large or refined, with a thousand flavors combined with roe deer, cheeses, dried mushrooms, etc.
  • special compotes for cheeses, in addition to the classic honey or honeydew from the Marcante, jams and marmalades, also organic
  • pasta from the Felicetti pasta factory in Predazzo

If you wish to make a special gift, we can pack a basket or bag full of specialties to amaze you! At Christmas, but also throughout the year, to turn every gift into a party.

In Trento the shop of the good malga cheese

The shop of typical, healthy and good products

For some Malga cheeses – says Paolo – I buy the milk of a day and I make the cheese with that specific milk of that farmer. One of the most recent limited edition of cheese is the dairy of one of the last turnaround dairies in Trentino, that one of Pejo! A gastronomic gem. Including butter, a true masterpiece of taste! ”

More than 370 cheeses in Italy, a different one for each day of the year, over 50 of those present in the shop counter in Trento and Andalo. Let’s take a look at some tasty suggestions for every palate.

Rich proposal of blue cheeses. From the traditional gorgonzola aged two years instead of normal four months, up to the blue cheese with Dro prunes or blueberries. Great to be served as a dessert too!

The wide selection of cheeses refined by Hansi Baumgartner from Degust in South Tyrol “Hansi for every season amazes us with its creativity and one of the most extraordinary offers. Sometimes we manage to involve him in small and reserved dedicated events! ”

Goats, vaccines, fresh, medium or very seasoned. The oldest?“A cheese from Malga Trentina that is over 18 years old and another that has exceeded 10 and over. Both presented at Lineaverde RAI3 when we recorded the episode aired last November 3rd – giggles Paolo – a real rarity!

Some of the best and rarest cheeses in the world. Special prize winners such as the English Stilton excellent if served in the famous Pruna salad. The Italian Pecorinos, the Roqueforts and the French Brie

Then we have the special Trentingrana di Malga, 24 months, an extraordinary limited edition cheese. To taste at least once in your life! For those who love incredible proposals, our Cheese verticals are excellent, and we will talk about them in other sections. In the meantime, consult our Small Restaurant menu to see the basic proposals.

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