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Speck and cold cuts for slicing the Paradise!

Delightful aroma, incredible taste for our Speck and Salami

We want to offer only the highest quality! We at Marcante are absolutely convinced and persevering about this. We are always looking for and evaluating our artisan suppliers. They know that they must not allow themselves a lowering of the level of raw materials or skimp on the production process.”

To guarantee this, Paolo il Marcante dedicates much of his time to visitand meet artisan producers from Trentino and the Alps. Seeing, hearing and tasting in the place of production is essential to understand the product and to know how to tell the customer in the various nuances. This rigor over time has helped some manufacturers to develop top product lines. Discovering that there is still a market that wants quality and taste.

For Speck dal Marcante, in particular, the meat is selected and purchased directly. While the processing is entrusted to expert skilled artisans, who reproduce ancient traditional knowledge. They follow the ancient recipe of the Melchiori family, who once raised and processed pigs directly. Today, in compliance with the regulations, this is no longer the case. Paolo checks and supervises each production phase step by step.

The Speck dal Marcante, is excellent, thinly sliced like ham. But if you want to eat it the peasant way, it is better to cut a slice a few millimeters thick and then make it into very small strips, and bite them all! Lard included, a delicious part of the speck that keeps it soft despite the over 9 months of aging

Another rarity: the Speck as big as a pig! The friend Heinrich Poeder of the Val d’Ultimo produces one of the finest and award-winning speck halves. Pigs bred in the historic Maso of the 1500s, traditional processing and smoking of half whole pigs, to live a unique and unrepeatable experience! The mezzena is still cut by hand and is eaten in strips. Limited edition, it’s really sublime. Bread and speck: nothing more appetizing and healthy even from a nutritional point of view! A nice sandwich at breakfast is absolutely perfect … If we are greedy here is in addition a nice slice of Valchiese cheese, Trentingrana di Malga or Crucolo, for the most delicate tastes. Enjoy your meal

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