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The alternative to junk drinks or better to carbonated drinks

Juices and drinks made as our grandmothers used to do: few sugar and lots of thirst-quenching taste.

A pleasant natural energy recharge, alternative to the carbonated soft drinks of many multinationals.

This is the choice we made as an alternative proposal to the usual brands. Without marrying absolutist visions, we also serve the classic Cokes, oranges, etc. We prefer to stimulate the consumption of other products made by our farmers. Zero km products, with little sugar, lots of taste and above all for the younger ones, flavors to discover.

Many of our Trentino producers have rediscovered the intrinsic value of ancient products made from flowers or natural herbs. Simple products to drink by the glass, so much so that in our shop we have dedicated a real department to this offer.

Apple juice, also organic, is much loved by everyone, especially if served chilled. Natural, or in the version with cinnamon or mixed with wild berries or with ginger or berries. Available in bottle or in the convenient 3 or 5 l bag-in-box. to keep firmly in the fridge.

Juices and extracts of blueberries, apples, raspberries or wild strawberries, to be enjoyed with the aperitif at any time the restaurant is opened. Syrups to be lengthened to taste with water: elderberry, lemon balm, nettle and many other little-known herbs, with very pleasant flavors.

For adults who can dare with the alcohol content, we also have the Sidro of the Val di Non. To be served chilled a real alternative for those who do not like wines or beers.

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