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Dal Marcante custodian of sublime typical products

To treasure our history without forgetting to innovate

Dal Marcante is the sales point & small restaurant for food and wine products from Trentino and the Alps. A place of meeting, pleasure, knowledge, experience and in-depth analysis.

The store has two souls. The shop where to buy the products, and the tables where you can eat simple foods, rural Trentino and the Alps

We are Malga Cheese specialists and offer a wide range of Alpine and Trentino cheeses. Typical cold cuts and a good number of Trentino, Alto Adige and all over the Alps wines. The range of Trentino grappas is also wide.

It is also a small restaurant. Where to taste the typical dishes from Trentino, the raw materials with which they are prepared are available for purchase or shipping. Cutting boards, cheese verticals, first courses of the territory and strong and important dishes, sandwiches and aperitifs.

“This idea of combining sales and being able to eat in Trento, stems from the history of over 261 years of our family in Andalo says Paolo il Marcante. “Nonna Maria had the shop, next to the kitchen, there was always something hot on the fireplace that boiled. Ready for the for the customers of the tavern. The travelers and the rare tourists of that time had our resale as a reference. In Trento we wanted to revive this hybrid. Therefore it is always possible for us to eat something, buy what is magic and take it away

Those who take advantage of the catering service here in Trento, receive a postcard that entitles them to 10% discount for purchases. An opportunity that does not expire here in the store, but cannot be extended to the online shop!

There are several brand products of the Marcante that we offer. Speck, grappa, honey and honeydew, mushrooms, persecche (dehydrated apples) …

We are one of the six Botteghe del Gusto included in Il Golosario 2016, 2017 and 2018 by journalist Paolo Massobrio. We have also been elected Bottega del Buon formaggio from Cheese 2017 and 2018.

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