The take away evolution in Trento offered by dal Marcante 1758

The take away evolution in Trento offered by dal Marcante 1758

We are specialists in traditional dishes and typical food in Trento. In addition to to regular service, to sit in the shop and have lunch or dinner like at the restaurant, we have developed the take-away food service in Trento. All the dishes on the menu can be purchased and taken home or to the office.

Takeaway food by dal Marcante

Here you will find the Trentino quality ready to take away for your dinners, lunches, aperitifs and parties with friends. Those who love to find on the table the traditional dishes of Trentino can order single or multi portions of all the products on our menu. These are hot or cold dishes prepared at the moment depending on the availability of raw materials. Very hot dishes, to be served steaming and to be consumed in the comfort of your own home. Cold cuts, cheeses and other specialties to be enjoyed with friends accompanied by an excellent glass of wine or beer from Trentino.

Excellent raw materials for all types of food

Simple dishes, take-away, with all the characteristics of the Trentino recipes, updated for a taste and digestibility suitable for today’s times. Prepared with rural raw materials, suitable for every type of diet: traditional, healthy, vegetarian, vegan in some cases, or gourmet. A feast for the palate and the eyes to be shared with pleasure, to satisfy the taste and the body. First and second courses, gourmet salads rich in all the elements of tradition, cheeses vertical and cold cuts of the Dolomitesready for mise-en-place at home. They are accompanied by a selection of unfiltered and unpasteurized craft beers. Fantastic local red wines such as Teroldego and Marzemino, still whites such as Nosiola, Kerner, Sylvaner and Gewuertztraminer. Rich offer of Trentodoc classic method bubbles fermented in bottle 24 months: Ferrari, Pisoni, Endrizzi, Isera for example, to complete the pleasure of toasting in the company to eat in Trento the specialties. Every week a new menu full of ideas to entice even the most demanding palates.

excellent raw materials

Take away or schiscietta, the trend of the moment

An innovative way of thinking about take away here in Trento, with great attention to health and well-being even if we use products typical of the Alps and Trentino. Meals balanced and designed to meet the taste, but also the needs of each person. Configured on the preferred diet and not standardized for everyone. Dal Marcante Trento, adopts this new trend, evolving from Northern Europe to Australia, also passing through Italy. No longer just convenience and speed of service, the focus is on content, on the quality of raw materials, on the most natural way in which it is cooked. Goodness, taste, quality, in a perfect mix tailored to the consumer, the tourist and the guest visiting the MUSE of Trento, since dal Marcante is located in front of the Museum in the district of Le Albere.

Trays for parties, aperitifs and packages to be heated

For aperitifs or informal lunches with friends, you can request our trays of cold cuts and fine cheeses. Baitoni, malga cheeses’ vertical and cutting boards that will be a pleasure to share. All packaged in a practical and elegant way, and ready to be served at the table. For hot ready meals, however, practical packages that preserve the fragrance of the dishes and gastronomy and that can be heated in the oven or microwave. As plastic free as possible. We protect the taste of our dishes, to give you the opportunity to enjoy them at home at work, in all their goodness.

Discount 15% on the price of the menu

All dishes prepared for take-away have the same quality as those served at the tables. A 15% discount is offered to the price list on the menu. If you have special needs inform us and we will do everything possible to meet them. Book in advance to make sure that you are served properly or that you find your order ready. The menu of the day, which is also valid for takeaway, is also published on our website. Some of our products are subject to restrictions for seasonal availability. Enjoy your meal!

menu del giorno dal Marcante

The perfect wine for pairing your meal

If you want to complete the gourmet experience you can choose from the best wines. In the shop you can find a wide selection and you can get adviced or learn more about the realities of the territory. Autochthonous red wines such as Teroldego, Marzemino, Groppello della Val di Non, Lagrein, San Leonardo all from prestigious vintages. Then there are the still whites such as Nosiola, Souvignon, on many grape varieties, Vino Santo Trentino for dessert, Mueller Thurgau, Gewuertztraminer from Val di Cembra, as well as some precious wines from South Tyrol such as Kerner and Sylvaner. For those who love special wines, we also offer Amarone and its cousin from Trentino, the Rebo from Valle dei laghi. For a complete journey into the taste of Trentino, do not forget the Trentodoc classic method bubbles, including the famous and almost unobtainable Giulio Ferrari. There are over 170 wine proposals to find the perfect match with the chosen take away.

There is also a wide offer of crafted beers for a good match

If you love craft beers, not pasteurized and not filtered, in our giant refrigerator you can always find gorgeous refreshed ones. A selection of the best producers in Trentino Flaimbier from the Val di Fiemme, Pejo beer that boasts of offering also Goji berries beer, or you can taste the Froggy Hope, aromatic and very special as well as the beers of the Brewery Val di Non Melchiori Maria Lucia and Maso Alto with its organic beers. Dark, red, white and very delicate beers, the best of Trentino’s artisanal crafted beers, strictly in bottles.

So what are you waiting for? Visit us at Albere in Trento and come to taste our takeaway dishes!

You can also find our typical products in the online shop and have them sent directly to your home!

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